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The entire process of creating a pair of Maui Woodys  – the design, the shaping, lens cutting, all the way to the final finishing and packaging are all done locally.  You can own a unique piece of art as every piece of wood is one of a kind.

Maui Woodys has met the goal of creating remarkably beautiful eyewear from local and sustainable materials, currently offering 20 styles for men and women, made out of a variety of ecofriendly or re-purposed wood including Koa, Mango and Eucalyptus, as well as other environmentally friendly material such as hemp.  Every pair has high definition polarized lenses and comes with an extended warranty.  They make fantastic gifts for locals and visitors alike and are sought after souvenirs, as featured in Hawaii Magazine as one of ten shopping essentials. 

Maui Woodys, the only wooden sunglasses that are made on the beautiful island of Maui.   Each pair is meticulously crafted by a single artisan using sustainable materials and methods.

Our lenses are the highest quality polarized lenses. They are made from cellulose not petroleum based plastic and thus are environmentally friendly. Cellulose usually from cotton or wood pulp is used, making them a natural and sustainable product.


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